George Harrison aparece en el programa de The Smothers Brothers

Se transmite la aparición de George Harrison en el programa cómico americano del que era fanático, The Smothers Brothers. “La hora de la comedia de The Smothers Brothers” comenzó en febrero de 1967 y presentaba con frecuencia invitados musicales y sátira política.

Los atrevidos guiones de The Smothers Brothers fueron a menudo censurados por la red CBS, que finalmente cancelaría el programa en abril de 1969.

Dick Smothers: “En aquel entonces, en ese año, los Beatles eran lo más grande en todo el universo. Y para que George Harrison pase a desearnos suerte y diga: “Sigue intentando, sigue haciéndolo”, fue un verdadero golpe.

Dick Smothers: Tommy has a special guest and he’d like to introduce him right now.

Tommy Smothers: That’s right. I have a Beatle!

DS: Yeah, but it’s not the kind of ‘beetle’ you would expect it to be.

TS: It’s the kind of Beatle that I think you hoped it would be! Ladies and gentlemen, Mr George Harrison!”

TS: Several weeks ago we had on… Your people did Hey Jude.

GH: (sings) Heey Juuude!

TS: And Revolution.

DS: Beautiful. We thought, Tommy and I both thought that Hey Jude was the best presentation we’ve ever seen of The Beatles. And we’re glad it was on our show.

GH: Yeah. So are we! Have you met my brother Dick? Let me introduce you. This is Tommy, and this is my brother Dick.

TS [to DS]: I’ve enjoyed your work.

DS [to TS]: You look different in person.

GH: It’s all the makeup. Too much makeup.

TS: You have something important?

GH: Something very important to say on American television.

TS: You know, a lot of times we don’t have opportunity to say anything important, because it’s American television. Every time you try to say something important they, uh… [pretends to press button]

DS: [makes throat-cutting gesture]

GH: Well, whether you can say it or not, keep trying to say it!

TS: That’s what’s important?

GH: You got that? Yeah. It’s very important. [To off-screen person] Cue, cue, cue. Aye, just a minute! Just a minute!

TS: Wait a second…

GH: OK… Cue the clap now! Yay!

TS: Ladies and gentlemen, Mr George Harrison.

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