Se publica la edición especial de NEW

Se publica edición especial del álbum NEW. En esta edición pueden encontrarse dos temas nuevos: “Hell to Pay” y “Demons Dance”; además de un DVD con el documental “Something New”, un libro especial y varios tracks en vivo que corresponden a las presentaciones de Paul en Japón.

Disco 1
1. “Save Us”
2. “Alligator”
3. “On My Way To Work”
4. “Queenie Eye”
5. “Early Days”
6. “New”
7. “Appreciate”
8. “Everybody Out There”
9. “Hosanna”
10. “I Can Bet”
11. “Looking At Her”
12. “Road”
13. “Turned Out”
14. “Get Me Out Of Here Plus Scared” (Hidden Track)

Disco 2
1. “Struggle” (previously available only in Japan)
2. “Hell To Pay” (previously unreleased)
3. “Demons Dance” (previously unreleased)
4. “Save Us” (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
5. “New” (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
6. “Queenie Eye” (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)
7. “Everybody Out There” (Live at Tokyo Dome 2013)

Disco 3 (DVD)
1. Something New
2. New Interview (Bang & Olufsen Presents The Living Room Tour: Launching Paul McCartney’s Album New)
3. The Promo Tour
3.1. MGM Grand for iHeartRadio Music Festival, Las Vegas, 21st September 2013
3.2. Hollywood Boulevard with Jimmy Kimmel, Los Angeles, 23rd September 2013
3.3. NBC Studios with Jimmy Fallon, New York, 7th October 2013
3.4. Times Square, New York, 10th October 2013
3.5. The Shard, London, 15th October 2013
3.6. BBC Maida Vale Studios, London, 16th October 2013
3.7. The London Studios with Graham Norton, London, 17th October 2013
3.8. Covent Garden and HMV Oxford Street, London, 18th October 2013

4. Videos musicales
4.1. “Queenie Eye”
4.2. “Save Us”
4.3. “Appreciate”
4.4. “Early Days”
4.5. “Making Of Queenie Eye”
4.6. “Making Of Appreciate”
4.7. “Making Of Early Days”

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